In this episode, we interview Reshma Block, Principal at Compass Consulting Group, a woman-owned IT consulting firm specializing in business continuity and recovery strategies. One of the youngest disaster recovery managers at Intel Corporation in the late 90’s, it was the historic September 11 attacks that positioned her as the leading voice in disaster recovery and business continuity. Remember that infamous ‘Jerry Maguire moment, the memo’? Well, Reshma shares how her 10-page paper changed the trajectory of her career and the vulnerability of one of the largest technology companies in America.

You might wonder why we are talking business continuity on this design thinking podcast, but Reshma clearly articulates the intersection between the two in this fun and informative episode just in time to help leaders better prepare for disruptions in business operations. Reshma offers mission critical recommendations to leaders, including

  • Design thinking and reimagining are a key part of business continuity in today’s world.
  • Don’t wait until it’s too late to innovate! Leaders/corporations need to be their own disruptors.
  • Create a heat map of potential risks your company can experience, and develop a dashboard that continuously assess vulnerabilities in real time.
  • In developing your business continuity plan, it’s key to have the operations team in the room.

This powerful conversation highlights the importance of understanding the potential risks companies can experience in the event of a disaster or a 100 year pandemic like we’re experiencing now. Developing a humble approach to continuity is key. Remember — no one is too big to fail! Learn more about Reshma’s work at Compass Consulting Group, and subscribe to FastForward Radio to hear more design thinking tips and best practices.