Recently, I launched a research project to look at how decision makers are redesigning customer and employee processes as they adjust to the new realities of social distancing and remote work. As I spoke with decisions makers, I learned that teams are struggling to facilitate remote collaboration and innovation. Which is slowing revenue growth and reducing profitability for their companies.

In the past, teams often achieved innovation breakthroughs when they came together spontaneously around the white board to brainstorm on a wicked problem or new opportunity. What replaces the whiteboard when so many are working at home? People I interviewed explained that new collaboration tools such as Mural and Miro are helpful, but the technology can get in the way of interactive design thinking and brainstorming sessions.

If these are challenges you are facing, you need to join our Innovation eXcelerator Coaching Program. With our help, you will join a group of innovators with a shared goal: developing excellence at leading and facilitating innovation in the challenging world we all must now navigate.

Digital FastForward teamed up with our partners at Pegasystems and ExperiencePoint to create this 8-week program, designed for aspiring innovators who want help learning to lead their organizations through deep facilitation, applied design thinking, and peer coaching.

The goal of this unique coaching program is to equip you with the new tools and frameworks you will need to get your organization back on the path to breakthrough innovation in 2021. Best of all, your work in the program will focus on applying advanced facilitation and design thinking techniques to the work you’re currently performing, day in and day out.

To help teams come out of the gate strong in 2021, we’ve scheduled the first cohort of the Innovation eXcelerator Coaching Program to run from October 22 – December 18, 2020. This program will help you build your playbook for accelerating breakthrough innovation across your organization in 2021. Don’t fall behind. Join us today.