How To Create A Design Thinking Culture: Interview With Greg Warman, Co-Founder & Principal with ExperiencePoint (Part 2)

In this episode, we continue our deep dive interview with Greg Warman, Co-Founder and Principal with ExperiencePoint.

ExperiencePoint is a pioneer in human-centered training, and the exclusive learning and development partner of IDEO, the world’s preeminent design consultancy). Greg and the company have spent the past 25 years helping organizations rethink conventions and blaze trails to record growth with their live, digitally-driven workshops that include the world’s only simulations in human-centered approaches.

In the second part of the interview Greg shares insights on:

  • How to help teams embrace the design thinking mindset
  • Why “fail-fast” is more than just a cool catch phrase
  • Future trends around design thinking

Enjoy the show!