How Technology Leaders Build Empathy: Interview With Shane Bray, CXO with Willis Towers Watson

In this special episode, I interview Shane Bray, Chief Customer Experience Officer (CXO) with Willis Towers Watson, one of the largest providers of corporate benefits strategies and administration in the US. In this fascinating interview, Shane breaks down his top strategies for how IT teams can deepen customer empathy:

  • When he first stepped into the role of CXO, Shane used “Undercover Boss” as his inspiration to go undercover as a call agent in his company’s call center
  • How he used his “Undercover Boss” experience to deepen his level of empathy for both internal and external customers, in order to design and deliver more customer-centric solutions and services
  • Tips he learned along the way on how to go beyond “empathy” as a hot buzzword, and develop an authentic and deep understanding of your customers

Today, empathy is a critical skill for designing and delivering customer-centered solutions and applications. This episode is “required listening” for technology professionals looking to level-up in 2020!

Enjoy the show!