In this very special episode, I interview Cindy Praeger, Co-Founder & Managing Partner with Rhythm Systems. Rhythm Systems helps mid-market firms develop their growth strategies and provides software that helps get everyone aligned to execute on an organization’s gameplan for growth.

In this deep dive interview, Cindy provides insights and emerging practices from the trenches on how to recalibrate your growth strategy in the face of crisis:

  • Guidance on how to navigate the three different stages of the crisis in order to survive, recover, and thrive
  • How to build a Covid-19 strategy dashboard to track key metrics and keep your team aligned on most critical priorities
  • How to promote a healthy remote work culture that includes daily huddles, weekly celebrations, and regular team emotional health checks
  • Make tough decisions on how to best align resources based on what you believe your business will look like in the future

The current Covid-19 pandemic has forced all of us to rethink our strategies and business models. This episode provides you with a jumpstart for thinking through what your family, career, and organization might look like during and post Covid-19. Be sure to check out the Rhythm Systems website to access additional free webinars and resources.