Innovation eXcelerator Coaching Program

An engaging and immersive program designed to accelerate your growth as an Innovation Leader.

Why Innovation Leadership Coaching?

“The biggest struggle I see with aspiring Innovation Leaders is that they might have taken a class or read a book on design thinking and innovation, but hit a brick wall when it comes to applying the concepts in the real world.”

Clay Richardson, Digital Fastforward Co-founder and Chief Excelerator

Clay Richardson

Chief Excelerator
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The Program Pillars

Becoming an Innovation eXcelerator is as challenging as it is rewarding.

The Innovation eXcelerator coaching program is designed to help you practice and advance as an Innovation Leader.


Coordinate and lead collaborative design sessions across remote teams.


Move beyond entry-level design-thinking practices to focus on advanced design-doing practices.


Learn how to leverage your natural innovation leadership style to accelerate results.

creative coaching

Develop a coaching mindset to unlock your team’s creative potential and your own.

Who Attends and Why

Innovation is best played as a team sport, bringing a diverse mix of players from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines. We designed the Innovation eXcelerator Program with this vision in mind, where each cohort is made up of peers who come from different roles, industries, and backgrounds.


The most explosive leadership growth is happening now within digital transformation, digital innovation, and product design roles. This is a critical time for you to learn how to lead fast-paced innovation and deliver transformation outcomes.


Customer Experience (CX) serves as the voice of the customer and is responsible for delivering engaging and delightful experiences. CX includes Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service roles. These roles join the program to learn how to design and drive customer-centered innovatoin initiatives.


The next generation of innovation will be driven by technology leaders. In order to get a seat at the table, you will need to develop your creative leadership and deliver quick wins around new technology use cases.

Business Operations

In this current environment, operations teams are looking for new ways to drive breakout innovation. Business Process Managers, Business Analysts, and Project Managers need to add new design frameworks — beyond Six Sigma and Lean — to drive disruptive innovation.

Your Coach

Clay Richardson, Digital Fastforward Co-founder and Chief Excelerator

Clay Richardson

Chief Excelerator

Clay is the Co-Founder and Chief Excelerator of Digital FastForward, a leading innovation consultancy focused on helping companies unlock innovation through the application of design thinking. Formerly with Forrester Research, a leading market research firm, Clay oversaw research and client advisory engagements focused on digital innovation, design thinking, and digital automation. Clay is a Design Thinking Master Facilitator and frequent keynote speaker at industry thought leadership events.

Program Overview

Major components

The program is designed for working professionals, with an emphasis on balancing time commitments and achieving learning objectives.

A Calendar and Detailed Syllabus are provided further below.

Opening Intensive

The initial session of the program will focus on a practical deep dive to map current innovation blockers, understanding your innovation persona, and advanced innovation frameworks.

Group Coaching

After the opening session, the cohort will meet bi-weekly over video calls as a group. Each session will tackle an advanced innovation topic and give you an opportunity to practice applying the technique or framework. Group sessions are highly interactive and include breakout rooms to share and provide feedback.

Expert Mentorship

Throughout the program you will have access to meet 1-on-1 with program coaches to receive personalized feedback and coaching around your specific innovation objectives and goals. These coaching sessions are designed to ensure that you are making progress towards achieving your goals as an innovation leader.

Peer Coaching

One of the key benefits of group coaching is working with and learning from a group of peers from across different industries. In between the group coaching and 1-on-1 sessions, you will have an opportunity connect with peers to share feedback and get input on your innovation roadmap and challenges.

Capstone Project & Graduation

The program concludes with presenting your capstone project to the rest of the cohort. You will be expected to lead the group through the Innovation Playbook you have developed for accelerating design and innovation within your organization. 

Program Timeline

The program will run for 8 consecutive weeks, with coaching sessions, activities, and lessons spread out across each week.

The following timeline provides a visual overview of key activities.

ProGRAM logistics & details

Opening and Closing Intensives

The program’s opening and closing intensives will consist of 4-hour sessions delivered via Zoom video calls. The date and time for the sessions will be scheduled and announced at least four weeks in advance of the session.

Group Coaching calls

Over the duration of the 8-week program, members will have access to 3 different types of coaching calls:

  • Group Coaching: Group coaching sessions are interactive, facilitated sessions held bi-weekly over 90-minute Zoom video calls. These sessions are open to the entire group and recordings of each session will be made available for members to review at a later time.
  • 1-on-1 Coaching:¬†These sessions focus on personalized coaching, where a program member can work 1-on-1 with a program coach. You will be invited to schedule up to 4 sessions over the 8 weeks.
  • Peer Coaching: Every other week, you will meet with your assigned innovation squad. We will coach you and the squad on effective peer coaching practices, mindfulness, and feedback styles so that you and your squad get the most out of the peer coaching sessions.

Assignment & Resources

To build accountability and foster continuous learning, you’ll have access to the Innovation eXcelerator programs learning management system – the eXcelerator’s Playbook.

Within the playbook, you’ll find a collection of videos, recommended reading, presentations, and frameworks for each week of the program. Each section of the eXcelerator’s Playbook is organized to complement each step of your journey in the program.

Cohort and Coaching Communication

Need help connecting with another member? Forgot what the assignment was for the week? Trouble scheduling time with your program mentor or coach?

Through 24-7 access to the program’s dedicated slack channel, you can connect directly with program coaches and peers.

Time Commitment

The Innovation eXcelerator Program is an 8-week, part-time program. The program is designed to work with your current personal and work schedules, while giving you a unique opportunity to move to the next level of innovation leadership in your work and organization. The program is designed for leaders who want to stretch beyond their comfort zones.

Expect to spend a minimum of 4 to 5 hours each week to get the most out of the program:

  • 90 mins (bi-weekly) Group Coaching calls
  • 1 hour (bi-weekly) with your Peer Coaching squad
  • 1 – 2 hours reading and reviewing program materials
  • 2 hours applying advanced innovation frameworks to current challenge

Certificates of Completion

After demonstrating successful completion of the program content and capstone project, you will be presented a Certificate of Completion during the program’s Graduation Ceremony.


We’re now accepting applications for our Winter 2021 Session. Click the button below to submit your application. Once we receive your application we will share additional program details and schedule a time to review the program with you.