Today, we announce a new strategic relationship with Pegasystems, a leading software platform that enables digital transformation.

When my co-founder, Cornelius Pone, and I launched Digital FastForward, our founding vision was to help business and IT leaders accelerate innovation by applying design thinking when implementing emerging technologies. We believe passionately that design thinking is the secret ingredient that IT teams are missing when it comes to digital transformation.

Companies like Pegasystems will help us accelerate that effort.

When Pegasystems launched a new corporate venture initiative, Pega Service Ventures, earlier this year, we identified them as a key potential partner, and pitched them. This week, Pega formally announced investments in its first six partner companies, including Digital FastForward.

When we attended Pega’s annual conference earlier this year, they impressed us with the company’s overall vision for digital transformation, especially in artificial intelligence and robotic automation.

These are key technologies Digital FastForward is now helping clients understand, experiment with, and pilot to unlock new business opportunities. With the addition of Pega’s underlying technology, we’ll be better equipped to help clients define their roadmaps for innovation and more quickly benefit from digital transformation efforts.

If you’re ready to accelerate digital innovation in your organization, drop me a line at clay@digitalfastforward or check out our digital acceleration services to learn more about how we can help.

Read the Pegasystems Press Release here.