What skydiving can teach you about taking the leap to digital innovation.

A few years ago I watched a video of one of my mentors skydiving. After watching the video, I fell in love with the thought of jumping out of a moving airplane from 15,000 feet in the sky. Finally, this year I decided to stop talking about it and signed up for my very first tandem jump while out in lovely Scottsdale, Arizona.

Without going into every small detail of the jump, all I can say is the initial leap out of the plane’s open door is a doosey! For the first 10 seconds of the free fall my mind shut off and I was completely present. Not concerned about anything in the world. Then,  the next 60 seconds the free fall was surreal as if I was dreaming. When the parachute opened I felt in complete awe at the view below my feet, a beautifully painted desert. Once I finally landed on terra firma, I felt a huuuggee adrenaline rush!

Immediately after the jump, it hit me: Companies invest a lot of energy talking about digital innovation, but few truly take the leap out of the moving plane that is their day-to-day business. Counter-intuitively, business leaders know that digital innovation is essential to their survival. But taking the leap is scary because it means business leaders will need to put revenue streams and business processes at risk.

So what made jumping out of the moving plane less daunting for me? First, I had an expert jumper train me on the key moves and positions I needed to make while in the air. Second, I was attached to this expert jumper for my initial skydive. In fact my tandem jump partner had completed over 19,000 jumps – I think that qualifies him as an expert.

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