Meet the Excelerators

We are a team of passionate entrepreneurs, technologists, and designers that come from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. We believe in the power of your team to drive sustainable innovation, instead of relying completely on outside system integrators, consultants, and outsourcing companies.
Clay Richardson, Digital Fastforward CEO & Chief Excelerator

Clay Richardson

CEO & Chief Excelerator
Clay is the co-founder of Digital FastForward. He has spent most of his career helping leaders build and execute strategies around new disruptive technologies. Formerly with Forrester Research, a leading market research firm, Clay oversaw research and client advisory projects focused on digital innovation, digital automation, design thinking, and lean startup practices. Clay is a frequent keynote speaker at digital innovation events and conferences.
Cornelius Pone - Digital FastForward COO & Chief Innovation Catalyst

Cornelius Pone

COO & Chief Innovation Catalyst
As co-founder of Digital FastForward, Cornelius specializes in helping clients apply creative thinking to complex technology challenges. He is a thought leader on emerging technologies, including robotic automation, machine learning, internet-of-things, and responsive-web development. Cornelius has worked for several leading software vendors, including Pegaystems, as an executive-level solutions architect, helping numerous Fortune 100 companies achieve their digital aspirations.
Gelila Aderaye - Digital FastForward - Operations Manager

Gelila Aderaye

Operations Manager
Ray Bernoff - Innovation Associate - Digital FastForward

Ray Bernoff

Innovation Associate
Adrian Calvin - Digital FastForward -Innovation Engineer

Adrian Calvin

Innovation Engineer
Nia Christian - Digital FastForward - Innovation Engineer

Nia Christian

Innovation Engineer
Andrew Kerschinske - Digital FastForward - Innovation Delivery Manager

Andrew Kerschinske

Innovation Delivery Manager
Medina Nurmanova - Digital FastForward - Innovation Engineer

Medina Nurmanova

Innovation Engineer
David Stein - Digital FastForward - Creative Spark

David Stein

Creative Spark
Adeeba Zaman - Digital FastForward - Innovation Engineer

Adeeba Zaman

Innovation Engineer
Amanda Zavada - Digital FastForward - Client Partner Executive

Amanda Zavada

Client Partner Executive