Virtual Design Thinking Collaboration Tools

Is your team working from home? Trying to innovate during remote work?

Digital FastForward made this list of the best virtual collaboration tools. These tools can help with design thinking, design sprints, ideating, or prototyping.

Here are all the tools we’ve found so far. Email us at info@digitalfastforward.com if you know another tool that’s not on this list!

Virtual whiteboards and collaboration spaces

  • Mural – Digital visual collaboration on a high tech online whiteboard
  • Miro – An online whiteboard for remote teams to work together with
  • Creately – A visual workspace for remote collaboration
  • Batterii – An interactive online workspace for workshops, summits, design sprints, and more
  • InVision – A visual collaboration tool like a whiteboard, but with more features
  • Ideaflip – A sticky note board for collaboration and brainstorming
  • FigJam – Figma’s online whiteboard for ideation
  • Conceptboard – A collaborative online whiteboard
  • Stormboard – A shared workspace for coming up with and prioritizing ideas
  • Google Jamboard – An interactive digital whiteboard for Google Workspace
  • Coggle – A mind mapping/flow chart creator for mapping user flows, processes, and journeys

Journey mapping and personas

  • Uxpressia – An online journey mapping resource
  • Smaply – A tool for creating journey maps, personas, and stakeholder maps
  • Userforge – A persona creator and user story template tools
  • MakeMyPersona – A tool from Hubspot for developing buyer personas

Prototypes, mockups, and wireframes

  • Marvel – A prototyping and user testing tool that lets you hand off to developers
  • UXpin – A tool for making prototypes that can transition to development
  • Boords – A storyboarding tool that can animate your boards and collect feedback
  • Mockingbird – A wireframe and mockup tool
  • POP – A tool that turns paper sketches into interactive mobile prototypes

User experience testing

  • UserTesting – A platform for getting user feedback on mobile apps
  • Ethnio – An UX research participant manager
  • Lookback – An UX research video platform
  • Digsite – A site for recruiting users to collect their feedback
  • Hotjar – A tool for tracking user behavior, getting feedback, and making surveys
  • Pingpong – A remote UX research service to recruit testers and get feedback

Other tools

  • Sprintbase – A guided design sprint experience for facilitators to run design sprints on a series of online boards
  • ExperiencePoint – Online and in-person design thinking workshops, training, and facilitator education
  • SessionLab – A session planning system for facilitators and trainers